What is Mutual Fund and How we invest here

What is Mutual Fund

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When we listening about the mutual fund, the following questions are stuck in our mind, what is the mutual fund and how it works. Why we invest in mutual funds & how we invest in these funds. how it is helpful for us in the long term.

Here are the Answers;

What is Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature. It has advantages and disadvantages compared to direct investing in individual securities

How these funds are works;

To many people, Mutual Funds can seem complicated or intimidating. We are going to try and simplify it for you at its very basic level. Essentially, the money pooled in by a large number of people or investors is what makes up these funds. This fund is managed by a professional fund manager.

It is a trust that collects money from a number of investors who share a common investment objective. Then, it invests the money in equities, bonds, money market instruments, and/or other securities.

mutual fund is a company that pools money from many investors and invests the money in securities such as stocks, bonds, and short-term debt. The combined holdings of the fund are known as its portfolio.

Each investor owns units, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund. The income/gains generated from this collective investment is distributed proportionately amongst the investors after deducting certain expenses, by calculating a scheme’s “Net Asset Value or NAV”.

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