Indian Economy for next 25 years in 2047

Indian Economy for next 25 years in 2047, Indian economy Jorney from 2021 to 2047

Indian Economy for next 25 years in 2047

Everyone knows the Indian economy is the world’s fastest-growing economy at the present time. After Mr. Narendra Modi was elected as a Prime Minister of India in 2014, the image and economy of India are improving fastly in the world. Mr. Narendra Modi’s government put the foundation in the Indian economy when they announced the most daring decision “Note Bandi” in India. Now we are ready to think about the next 25 years of the Economy journey. This is the most important point for all long-term investors or those investors who think about their retirement. Here we can discuss the Indian Economy for next 25 years in 2047.

On Monday, the Prime Minister said his government will focus on last-mile delivery, which would be the singular mission for becoming a developed nation by 2047.

We all know that the Modi government has taken many powerful and important decisions for the economy. Everyone in the world knows these things. Also in the world, everyone praises the Indian government way they fight with COVID-19.

Note Bandi, GST, Corporate Tax reduction, 20 lakh crore package to corporate are the important steps for boosting Indian economy. After a 2021 budget, everyone expected double-digit growth in the Indian Economy.

But now we need to wait for double-digit growth for more time because of the COVID-19 second wave. The second wave harms the economic activities in India. That’s why all the International agencies reduce expectations of Indian Growth.

If everything goes right or as expected everyone then in 2047 India is the 3rd world largest economy country in 2047 after the USA and China. In 2021 year the expected Indian economy growth is 9.5%.

But all the experts and agencies know that this is the beginning of Indian economic growth. The Indian economy will be growing from 9.5% to 13% by 2023.

This is a good time for investment for long-term investors or those who wanted to play on the Indian growth story. But In this market Investors need to care for their investment because if they invested in any wrong company then they lose their money.

How Modi Government Improve Indian Economy Growth?

Modi government needs to take some important steps for booting economy growth of India. According to me, Here are a few points which government need to follow or implement in India for growth,

  1. Education:- education is the most important part of the any economy. without a educated population no country can achive high growth rate. So, government need to improve government schools infratracture firstly for improving economy.
  2. Per Capita Income of Every Family:- Consumtion will play important role in growth. No country or companies are growing with consumtion boost. Indian government need to take steps for improving per capita Income of very Family. How government do this, why restrict coruption in India, Improve education level, restrict fee struction of the private schools, Improving companies or foreign investment in India.
  3. Reduce corporate Taxes for Foreign companies:- Government need to reduce taxes or the foreign companies. This help to India to invite more foreign companies. This help to government for inmptving per Capita Income of Indian Families and consumption boost.
  4. Reduce Unemployment Level:- This is the most important part of the every country. We knows in present time a large number of persons are unemployed in India. This also increase crime in India. So, Indian government needs to work on reducing unemployment in India.
  5. Remove “Kota” or reservation rule in India :- Indian government needs to improve Education standard, families standard in India in place of giving reservation to the all casts. Because of this reservation desarving candidate not selected and uncapable candidate are selected as a officer. This rule is the main reason of Slow Indian Growth because maximum desarving candidates are not wanted to works in indian and select foreign or other countries comapnaies for work and create big weath for them. We all know this every 9 out 10 officer in all world largest companies are Indian. So, government needs to thing why they going outside for work.
  6. By Improving farmer Income and farming standard:- Know one question in every one mind how government increase farmer income. Is this done why giving MSP or subsidies, then answer is “No”. This is not the best solution for farmer growth. if government wanted to improve farmer income then they need to firstly increase small banks in village area those giving loans to farmer very easily and also need to focus on all these bank officer for reducing corruption. Government also needs to educate the farmer about there farming skills. They need to open kissan growth branches in every 5th villages in India.

If the government will apply these above-mentioned points in India then 100%, Indian economic growth will be high in the next 5 years because this helps to government attracts foreign investors in India that help for reducing unemployment in India. reduction in unemployment will increase the per capita income of all Indian families. An increase in Per Capita Income help to improve the consumption story in India, Improve in consumption help to grow all companies, and companies growth helps India achieve the largest growing country title.

But this is a very tuff task for the Modi government. Let’s see the next 2 months of Growth.

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