How to earn Profit in Tomorrow Share Market Session on 06th January 2023

How to earn Profit in Tomorrow Share Market

How to earn Profit in Tomorrow Share Market Session on 06th January 2023

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Here you can see the conditions for tomorrow’s market dated 06.01.2023…

Market Levels

Now one question comes into everyone’s mind, how to check the market level and how to understand the best level for buying and selling.

No one in this world can identify the best market levels for buying and selling in the market. But for traders, we have been required to understand the market trading in the last 5 days.

Like, if we see the nifty position in the last 5 days, it is taking support at the 18,010 level and sees sharp buying at that level and on the above hand we have seen selling at a level of 18,250.

Today Nifty closed at 17,992. So it is broken and closed below its support level. So, traders need to wait for the first 30 minutes. They can create buying position once nifty will cross the 18,020 level and trade for 30 minutes there. If nifty sustain that level then it will show approx 80 to 100 points rally in tomorrow’s market.

But if Nifty trades below the 18,000 level in the first 30 minutes, then it will be expected to show a 100 to 120 points loss in tomorrow’s market.

International market yesterday closing position.

All the American and European markets show selling pressure and trade in “RED”. But on another note, the Asian market closed in “Green”. So we expected the market open tomorrow in “RED”.

Current News related to politics or the market.

No political-related development available till now. So, it is not affected by the market.

Buyers and sellers’ positions in Nifty Options.

According to the NSE chart traders taking positions in “PUT” at 17,800, 17,900 & 18,000 and in “CALL” at 18,200 and 18,300. According to the data Nifty trade between 17,800 to 18.250 levels in tomorrow’s trading session.


We have given above mentioned level the best of our knowledge and market understanding. Above mentioned information is only for knowledge purposes, we have not asked anyone to buy and sell in the share market. Traders and inventors are buying and selling in the market at their own risk.

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